A Global Web of Women Devoted to Embodied Wholeness

Curated by Kendra Cunov

The Collective
Seasonal Membership

$149 USD, billed every 30 days

A note on refunds
Please note that we do not offer refunds for The Collective. We are as clear as possible in our marketing, to let you know what is included, and what you will be learning. We're committed to delivering you stellar information. We promise that if you do the work of watching the classes, joining the live calls, and doing the exercises, you will experience transformational moments, and gain embodied wisdom that will only deepen over time.

If you do not wish to renew your seasonal subscription, you may cancel at any time.

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The Collective is a global web of women dedicated to Embodied Wholeness - our wholeness, our collective wholeness, and the wholeness of the world.

By choosing this plan, you agree to a minimum of 3 monthly installments for your seasonal membership to The Collective. 

What You'll Get:

  • Monthly themed explorations
  • Unique teachings and practices to integrate these themes into your life in an embodied way
  • 2 Live group coaching sessions with Kendra each month
  • Access to Kendra’s Library of Teachings and Practices (videos, writing, etc...)
  • Weekly Reflection Tools for growth & integration
  • Guest teachers: Women experts in their field
  • Connection with a global community of powerful, devoted women within a virtual community forum
  • Peer-to-peer learning
  • Direct coaching from Kendra in the community forum
  • Mentorship from long-term students and dedicated practitioners
  • A collection of Kendra’s favorite resources
  • Bonus content only available to women in The Collective
  • FULL access to BOTH Kendra's Pleasure.Purpose.Power program AND Relationship By Design

In The Collective We Believe...

In our Individual & Collective Power:  We understand that our power & the power of The Collective can be granted only by ourselves.  We agree to create The Collective powerfully through continually remembering our own power.

In Honoring Ourselves:  We understand that honoring ourselves is an inside job.  We agree to practice trusting ourselves & asking for what we want & need.  We agree to honor our own boundaries.

In Honoring Each Other:  We understand that collaboration > competition.  We agree to assume the best of each other & want the best for each other.  We agree to honor each other’s boundaries & practice trusting each other.

In Courage:  We understand that sometimes courage is not comfortable.  We agree to practice putting courage over comfort. We understand that sometimes the most courageous act is being willing to admit we are at our edge, that we are afraid, or that we need help.

In Consent:  We agree to ask before offering each other coaching, advice, or our thoughts & reflections. We wait for a Yes or a No, and then we honor the Yes or No. If we get a Yes, we agree to bring our truth, with love!

Sacred Confidentiality:  We agree that what is shared in this space, will stay in this space.  We understand that there is always a way to share about our own experience, insights & learnings in a way that honors the confidentiality of the other women.